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We take an integrated approach to web design. We build custom websites, tailored to the needs of your business and the expectations of your brand’s followers. We make sure your website stays working for you even when you’re off the clock - serving as your brand ambassador, salesperson, marketing funnel, and social hub.

We specialize in custom coding Squarespace websites. We believe Squarespace provides the most beautiful and luxurious user experience. All Squarespace features are high quality and fully integrated, including automatic platform updates. However, if a different web platform (WordPress or Magento) is a better solution for your needs, we can do that too. 

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Why Squarespace
  • Web design is an industry that has grown exponentially over the the last decade. While normally this would mean greater competition and competitive pricing, we’ve found this exponential growth has lead to an influx of sub-par and pseudo web designers. These web designers often use WordPress to throw together as many plugins as possible to stitch together a website. These plugins can be built by anyone, and often conflict with each other, causing potential points of entry for people or programs with ill intentions.
  • With SquareSpace, all tools are high quality and fully integrated into the website builder. These tools are closely controlled, monitored and tested to ensure they are up 100% of the time. 
  • SquareSpace offers high media-rich, all immersive user friendly content. Videos, photography, and social media can all be integrated seamlessly, helping us build your brand the way you want it.

In 2016 a leading WordPress security firm analyzed 11,000+ hacked websites

Apple Pay
  • Mobile ecommerce conversion rates are a paltry 1.43% here in the US, yet mobile accounts for more than 50% of traffic to e-commerce sites. The longer it takes a customer to purchase an item, the lower the conversion rate. Apple Pay now has the ability to integrate into e-commerce and Squarespace. In a SquareSpace beta test, e-commerce sites using Apple Pay saw increased conversion rates up to 400%.


  • For mobile users, using Apple Pay in comparison to filling out billing and postal addresses and entering payment information is a staggering 2min 8sec faster. For Mac vs other desktop users it’s 1min 21sec faster, not to mention new MacBook Pros now come integrated with Apple Pay, 


  • Apple Pay is now accepted by 36% of retailers in the U.S., with another 22% expected to start accepting Apple Pay in the next 12 months. In a recent study of online cart abandonment, 21% of people abandoned their cart because the process was taking too long, 18% said there were excessive payment security checks, and 17% had concerns about payment security. Apple Pay takes care of the issues that 56% of cart abandoners had.
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