The Brethren Publishing is the book publishing department of Daniel Gage Media.  By leveraging the marketing powerhouse that is dgm, The Brethren is able to provide authors with the support to launch their book successfully.  from the planning/editing process all the way through publishing, our team will partner with its authors to strategize a plan that aggressively Markets their book to their target audience.

Preparing your next book requires an objective set of eyes and ears. Having a second party prepare your work for market ensures mistakes don’t get overlooked and key edits can be made.

Our content experts not only take a fine tooth comb to your grammar, but a marketer’s eye to your novel or memoir. We edit and position your book to sell, not just be published. We’ll design your book cover, to help it fly off the shelves or inspire e-Book downloads. We can also create a press kit for you, to help promote your book and your personal brand.

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Why Should you publish with The Brethren?

The power behind The brethren Publishing is the creative and marketing teams at DGm.  Together with our editing/publishing department they will create an end product that matches your vision for everything from the cover to the marketing after the book is finished.  This provides you the full force of a traditional publishing house with the creative input that comes with self-publishing.

Pitching Your Novel or book

If you have the next great book concept, you can submit it to The Brethren by emailing with:

-A clear description of the book

-The manuscript


To Date, the brethren is currently publishing Self-Help Books and fiction, but we are always open to new genres and the unique challenges that they bring.

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