- The SQUAD -


We are a full-service media agency located in Dallas, Texas. At DGM we specialize in all marketing mediums—from strategy and research to brand development and design. We translate our clients’ vision into the marketplace through the use of unconventional tactics and exceptional talent, helping them grow their business, their brand, and ultimately their bottom line. 

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Our Culture 

We draw strength from our differences and diversity. Our soul is our people. We strive to seek for perspective in collaboration in cultivating creativity.

We believe in the ideals of King Arthur’s Camelot; Everyone has a seat at the table. The romantic idea that anyone who expresses passion for a dynamic creative environment is welcome. This allows us to give our customers a unique niche that separates their branding from other “cookie cutter” companies. 


Camelot reborn

Camelot is our sanctuary. A place where we find our center and celebrate our diversity. We redefine expectations for ourselves and our customers, because good isn't good enough. Because what we do says who we are. We will find the courage to learn and grow, and to figure out what’s next. We are rebels in the industry. We imagine the the unimaginable to defy all convention.

DGM Background WEBSITE.jpg